Grévin to open at the Montreal Eaton Centre on April 19, 2013

Grévin: A long history…
In 1882, when television was nothing more than a utopian dream in Jules Verne's visionary mind and the first photographs had only just started appearing in the press, French journalist and Le Gaulois founder Arthur Meyer came up with the idea of creating a place where the public could see three-dimensional representations of the people in his newspaper's headlines. For artistic input, he called upon renowned caricaturist and sculptor Alfred Grévin, whose name the project would eventually bear. Located on the Boulevard Montmartre in the heart of Paris, the Grévin wax museum was an immediate hit with the public.
Today, some 130 years later, Grévin wows over 800,000 visitors every year. This undeniably popular tourist attraction has been part of La Compagnie des Alpes (CDA) group since 2001.
…and a bright future in Montreal
Montreal was the natural choice for Grévin's first foray into expanding its brand internationally. Bringing together know-how and expertise from both sides of the Atlantic inevitably led to the emergence of bold new innovations and the development of a one-of-a-kind venue showcasing the best of the Grévin brand for visitors from across North America and around the world.
By picking the Montreal Eaton Centre as its new home, Grévin will be putting down roots in the heart of the city's downtown core, in a prime location easily accessible all year round, on Canada's most iconic commercial thoroughfare. Some 28 million people visit the Montreal Eaton Centre every year.
Talented professionals from France and Quebec
Grévin sought out the crème de la crème from France and Quebec for this undertaking, among them Dick Walsh, Julien Bertévas (CDA Production), Moment Factory, Patrice Peyrieras, De Pinxi, Dushow and Europea. Each was selected for their experience and leadership in their respective fields, both within and outside their borders, and given a shared mission to craft a truly unique destination of fun and discovery.
The art of make-believe
Grévin excels at creating uncannily life-like replicas of well-known personalities. Dozens of artists, sculptors, moulders, seamstresses, make-up artists, wigmakers and hairstylists pool their talents and devote months of painstaking effort to bring each figure to life in Grévin's Paris studios. Every last detail is captured and re-created to perfection, resulting in the ultimate "double take" experience and a fascinating exploration of the art of make-believe.
A total of 120 homegrown and international celebrities from today and yesterday, set against elaborate decors and featuring an array of interactive and sensory experiences, will inspire wonder and delight during these unexpected encounters at Grévin - in this world where imagination and reality become one.
Grévin Montréal - Quebec's newest entertainment and tourist attraction - will celebrate its Grand Opening on April 19, 2013.


on January 18, 2013