Announcing The Ultimate Guide to Opening a Pop-Up Shop

Physical retail is evolving at a rapid pace and every day thousands of pop-up stores are being opened by retailers and brands across the globe. Temporary retail has grown to a $80 billion per year industry. Even Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is now thinking offline, recently quoted as saying, “We would love to open Amazon retail stores.”
Storefront alone has helped open over 150 pop-up stores in the past six months via its online marketplace of over 3.5 million square feet of short-term retail space. This ebook encapsulates the learnings from these experiences.
The beautifully designed 36-page ebook will be the first comprehensive industry guide to the many facets of opening a short-term store, brand experience or retail event.
“As we work towards fulfilling our vision to make opening an offline store as easy as an online store, this ebook will provide incredibly valuable insights, industry statistics and thought leadership into what it takes to go from concept to opening day,” explains Storefront Co-Founder and COO Tristan Pollock.
The ebook provides greater detail on:
> Finding and securing a location
> Designing your store environment
> Construction, logistics and marketing
> Industry case studies

on August 30, 2013