BLF REIT Is on the Analysts Radar

Recently, a group of stock market analysts chose six of the most promising stocks in the next quarters. Amongst those was only one REIT, BLF REIT.

BLF REIT is a public company listed on the TSX Venture (BLF.V). BLF REIT wants to consolidate the multi-residential property market mainly in the province of Québec. The company can count on a solid and dynamic team of real estate professionals that is aggressively seeking multi-residential investment opportunities.
Mathieu Duguay, President of BLF REIT also is at the helm of COGIR Management Corporation, a leader in property management,  offering innovative bottom line solutions.
The principal activities of the company are to acquire, own, manage and optimize the performance of multi-residential properties mainly located in the province of Québec. BLF REIT actually own four properties located in Montréal and Québec city.
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The properties are professionally managed by COGIR Management Corporation, a leading property manager in the province of Québec (

on October 15, 2013