Allianz Real Estate’s Property Pipeline Full

“Our project pipeline is full, and we have the necessary resources to carry out high-volume property-financing transactions over the next few years,” declared Roland Fuchs, who took charge of European Real Estate Finance at Allianz Real Estate on 1 October. Speaking at property fair Expo Real in Munich, he announced that Allianz Real Estate intended to make full use of its market opportunities in property financing and was planning to invest around €5 billion in the medium term. “However, safe property investments with long-term quality will remain our top priority,” he said.

Direct partner or club deals
Allianz Real Estate's role in property financing is very different from that of banks. "Insurance companies are an attractive proposition for customers, especially when it comes to long-term investments. But we don't plan to replace banks or quickly seize market shares from them." In real estate financing, Allianz either acts as a direct investment partner or teams up with established banking partners to provide club deals. Being a long-time real estate portfolio holder, Allianz benefits from its familiarity with the ins and outs of the market and real estate. "This property expertise now needs to be better combined with the specifics of the lending business and expanded in defined core European markets," said Roland Fuchs.
France and Scandinavia: Attractive markets 
Apart from the USA, Germany will remain a key market for Allianz in the financing business. Moreover, France also remains attractive since it’s the largest real estate market in continental Europe for Allianz Real Estate – and also a very transparent market to boot. “The established markets of Scandinavia and central Europe also provide stable, long-term investment opportunities,” stated Roland Fuchs, adding that activities could in future be stepped up in other selected markets in Western Europe. “But in all projects, the most important thing is to ensure that investments remain safe in the long term. To us, that’s more important than exploiting short-term market opportunities.”

on October 10, 2013