Geoffrey Smith of EllisDon Corporation named Canada's 2013 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

Congratulations to Geoffrey Smith of EllisDon Corporation — Canada's 2013 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year!
After five regional galas that brought together more than 5,000 supporters in markets from coast to coast, Geoffrey took the top spot in the competition, which drew to a glittering close in Toronto last night. He will represent Canada at the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year competition in Monaco June 4 to 8.
"We encounter incredible and inspiring stories of the entrepreneurial spirit at its best through our Entrepreneur Of The Year program. And Geoffrey's is certainly one we can all aspire to emulate," says Colleen McMorrow, EY partner and National Entrepreneur Of The Year program director. "Under his leadership, EllisDon didn't enter a new era of growth — it redefined the meaning of the word. Today, the company is moving into new markets and new sectors across Canada and around the world. We can't wait to see what he'll accomplish next."
Geoffrey's win marks 20 years of Entrepreneur Of The Year award winners in Canada. His name is the latest on a distinguished list of game-changing Canadian entrepreneurs who span every industry and make real noise on the global stage. The collective accomplishments of past Canadian Entrepreneur Of The Year winners include everything from building new airlines to revolutionizing the entertainment sector to developing groundbreaking technology — and beyond.
McMorrow cites Geoffrey's particular ability to scale this employee-owned business up as a major achievement, one that other emerging entrepreneurs must focus on to succeed in the long term.
"In Canada we've seen entrepreneurs, governments and corporations come together to create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem where startups can flourish. And it's working. Now it's time to shift gears and broaden our startup culture to one that effectively fosters long-term growth," says McMorrow. "Entrepreneurs have taught us to always look forward. Businesses built to scale will chart Canada's future course on the global stage. That's the next step."
Entrepreneur Of The Year celebrates the contribution and spirit of entrepreneurs everywhere. The Canadian program is in its 20th year of honouring the country's most impressive entrepreneurs from all areas of business. Award finalists are chosen based on their vision, leadership, financial success and social responsibility

on December 6, 2013