Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust Implements Distribution Reinvestment Plan

Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust announced that it has implemented a distribution reinvestment plan. Eligible Unitholders of the Trust that elect to participate in the Plan will have their cash distributions used to purchase trust units of the Trust and will also receive "bonus distributions" of Units equal in value to 3% of each distribution. The Plan provides an efficient and cost-effective way for the Trust to issue additional equity to its existing Unitholders while offering Unitholders the opportunity to increase their ownership in the Trust on a regular basis without incurring any commission or brokerage fees.
Choice Properties has reserved for issuance with the Toronto Stock Exchange 4,075,000 additional Units to accommodate the purchase of Units under the Plan.  As at the date hereof, there are 87,500,000 Units issued and outstanding.  Persons who do not reside in Canada for purposes of the Income Tax Act (Canada) are not permitted to participate in the Plan.
The Plan:
Eligible Unitholders who are considering enrolling in the Plan should contact their investment advisor and are encouraged to review the full text of the Plan, including the procedures for enrolling, which is available on Choice Properties' website at in the "Distributions" section under "Investor Relations".
Units issued under the Plan will be issued directly from treasury at a price based on the volume-weighted average closing price for the five trading days immediately preceding the relevant distribution date.
Choice Properties reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate the Plan at any time, but such actions shall have no retroactive effect that would prejudice the interests of Plan participants.  All administrative costs associated with the operation of the Plan will be paid by Choice Properties.

on November 20, 2013