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Accounting for Real Estate Entities under IFRS
May 22, 2013   l  July 18, 2013  l    November 14, 2013
Toronto, ON       l   Calgary, AB                   Toronto, ON
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Accounting for Real Estate Entities under IFRS will provide participants with a full review of REALpac’s recommendations for the interpretation and application of IFRS for the publicly-accountable real estate investment and development industry in Canada, in specified areas, such as: 

-Cost Capitalization
-Sales of real estate

The course will also provide deeper insight into the new IFRS standards issued in 2011, such as Consolidated Financial Statements, Joint Arrangements, and Fair Value Measurement. For more information on the Toronto course,
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Commercial Real Estate Asset Management
May 29 - 30, 2013 - Register by Wednesday, May 15!
Toronto, ON

This course will explore the goals, benefits, common skills and operating models of the real estate asset management function, and will examine the context of operations in which the function is performed including:

-Overview of the asset management function
-Portfolio management 
-Review of budgeting and planning processes
-Mergers and acquisitions
-Evaluating hold/sell decisions
-Public and private financing
-Build vs. Buy decision making parameters
-Valuation analysis
-Client services and reporting 

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Understanding Performance Measurement
June 12, 2013
Toronto, ON

This comprehensive one-day course explains and illustrates the measurement techniques used in IPD's comparative analysis of the real estate portfolio including:

-How to measure property performance
-An introduction to the general principles of measuring the performance of investment assets
-How to calculate the basic performance building blocks; total return, income return & capital growth
-Generating longer term performance measures by compounding numbers for single time periods

Understanding Performance Measurement is mainly workshop-based, giving participants the chance to work through examples of all the calculations and get a hands-on understanding of IPD’s outputs. The course also provides fresh insights into how to get the best from IPD's portfolio analysis reports, by examining the data inputs used and analysis methods in detail. For more information,
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Real Estate Development Course
June 19 - 21, 2013
Toronto, ON

This course is designed to discuss the development process, the various stakeholders in the process and some risks and mitigation strategies of real estate development in the commercial and multi-residential markets. It will also provide you with some of the tools to analyze, plan and manage development activities in order to maximize the probabilities of success. Some of the course content includes:

-Overview of the development function, the value add of development and the development process
-Market analysis, sizing and economics
-High level urban planning and product design 
-Marketing planning and sales strategy

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