Stantec Publishes its 6th Annual Sustainability Report

North American design firm Stantec has published its 2012 Sustainability Report in which the firm addresses its performance and identifies areas for improvement towards environmental, social, and economic goals. Stantec's sixth annual Sustainability Report was prepared in accordance with the internationally recognized G3.1 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, developed by the Global Report Initiative (GRI).
As a consultant to numerous industries, businesses, and public entities committed to performance improvements, Stantec believes in providing transparency to its own efforts to achieve more sustainable operations and positively impact the communities in which its employees live and work.
Covering Stantec's operations in 2012, the report details progress on the firm's sustainability performance in a number of key areas including energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to offices and fleet vehicles, and for employee travel (business and commuting). The report also describes commitments and programs to improve measurement and reduction of energy use and waste across a diverse, multi-national 200-office operation - challenges that many service industry businesses are currently facing.
Stantec president and chief executive officer Bob Gomes notes, "This report underscores our commitment to maintain strong sustainability performance as it is vital to attract investors, to satisfy clients, and to retain an engaged and diverse workforce that reflects the regional differences in our operations."
This year's report is available in two formats, a full pdf version and an interactive version which provides summaries and highlights. Both are available on the Stantec website

on June 10, 2013