First-of-its-Kind Retail Restoration Project - Calgary's East Village

Calgary Municipal Land Corporation unveils collaborative redevelopment plans for the iconic Simmons Building in Calgary’s East Village

Architecture and design firm, McKinley Burkart, has been selected by Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC), the developer of the East Village, to lead the realization of a new vision for and use of the historic Simmons Building. CMLC announced the first-of-its-kind collaborative retail plan for the historic building that will include some of the country’s most influential leaders in hospitality: Charbar, Sidewalk Citizen Bakery and Phil & Sebastian Coffee.

McKinley Burkart will develop and execute the design of each retail space along with the overall redesign and restoration of the Simmons Building, traditionally known as the Simmons Factory Warehouse  – a Simmons Canada factory that manufactured mattresses for World War II military. Built in 1912 and long-time icon of the East Village and Calgary landscape McKinley Burkart will preserve as many elements of the designated historical building, while bringing the building into the 21st Century to be enjoyed by East Village residents and the general public for years to come.

“CMLC is delighted beyond words to announce the tenancy of East Village’s most extraordinary piece of real estate by a trio of local retail champions,” says Brown. “The Simmons space is very special; it is centre-ice to the East Village redevelopment.  To make the Simmons Building a bustling hub of activity and to capture our vision and that of our tenants, we chose McKinley Burkart because they have a great depth of experience in historical restorations”.

“The Simmons Building will be the centerpiece of the East Village and will function as a lively transition from the River Walk to the centre of the neighborhood,” states Walker McKinley. “The space itself will be transformed into a collaborative cultural hub, where people can gather, share ideas, and create a new level of community.”

Charcut has been coined as one of Canada’s top new restaurants, opening their next restaurant called Charbar; Sidewalk Citizen Bakery is responsible for elevating the Calgary dining scene to a new level and Phil & Sebastian Coffee is known as the leading purveyor of Calgary’s coffee scene. 

Design work has commenced with an anticipated opening of Fall 2014.

on July 18, 2013