RioCan Seeks Public's Ideas and Comments Related to its 410-446 Bathurst Street Retail Development Proposal

RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (RioCan), Canada's largest real estate investment trust, launched a public information sharing website related to its development proposal for the now vacant site, previously occupied by Kromer Radio (410-446 Bathurst Street, Toronto). RioCan chose to create this website to provide the public an alternative means to submit their ideas and comments related to the project. As well, the site provides project background and facts for those seeking to learn more. In addition, a sign-up tool is available to receive the company's updates on the project. The website URL is
RioCan launched this development proposal website to better listen to and gather ideas from the public regarding this project. The company is excited about the prospect of providing local residents and neighbouring communities with an urban-format retail development that offers more retail choices. RioCan also wants to be a good neighbour and is mindful that change can be unsettling. The company is open to hearing what all members of the community have to say about the project. To that end, this website offers the public an additional opportunity to submit their ideas and comments for the project, directly to RioCan. It also includes a sign-up tool so that interested people can receive RioCan's updates on the project.
The website provides a host of information on the project to provide the community and the media with the facts related to RioCan's development proposal for the site, including:
  • About The Project - a detailed description of the proposed project
  • Fast Facts About the Development - a list of facts on the proposed project
  • Frequently Asked Questions - questions and answers on the proposed project
  • Historical Timeline of the Development Proposal - a timeline of the project beginning with RioCan's purchase of the property to the present day activities
  • RioCan's Urban Developments - background on RioCan's approach to urban retail developments and a list of examples of its urban retail from projects in the Greater Toronto Area
  • Stay Up-to-Date On the Project - a sign-up tool for the public to receive e-mail notifications related to website updates
  • Updates - project updates and relevant news
"We believe it is very important for RioCan to listen to the public's views and ideas on the project. We want to be a good neighbour and to provide a net positive benefit to this community and to all the communities in which we operate. We want to hear what all the members of the community have to say. We think this website complements the City's public meetings and provides the public with an additional opportunity to give us their ideas and comments on the project. We look forward to receiving the public's feedback in the days, weeks and months to come," said Jordan Robins, Senior Vice-President, Planning and Development, RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust.

on July 9, 2013