Partners REIT Announces Senior Management Changes and Adoption of "Advance Notice" Provisions


The Board of Trustees of Partners Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) announced that Mr. Adam Gant has been appointed to the position of Vice-Chair of the REIT. As Vice-Chair Mr. Gant is responsible for advising the Board of Trustees on matters concerning the capital markets in general, and Unitholder relations specifically. Mr. Patrick Miniutti, currently the REIT's President, will assume the position of Chief Executive Officer of the REIT formerly held by Mr. Gant.

"The Board of Trustees is very pleased to appoint Patrick Miniutti as CEO," commented Adam Gant, Vice Chair. "Patrick has been instrumental in the REIT's growth and we are confident he will continue to provide the leadership and expertise to maintain our track record of enhancing Unitholder value in the years to come."

The Board of Trustees also approved changes to the REIT's Declaration of Trust to add provisions setting out procedures that must be followed should anyone wish to nominate individuals for election as a Trustee of the REIT. These provisions mirror the "advance notice" by-laws currently being adopted by many reporting issuers. The revised form of the Declaration of Trust will be filed on

For further information, please contact:

Patrick Miniutti
Chief Executive Officer


on April 8, 2013