Online Tool Tracks Real-time Energy Use and Environmental Impact at Toronto-Dominion Centre

The Cadillac Fairview Corporation announced the launch of Toronto-Dominion Centre's (TDC) Green Portal, an online environmental management tool dedicated to everything green and sustainable at the iconic office complex.

Offering a new model of environmental transparency for a property within Canada's commercial real estate industry, the TDC Green Portal was developed for the tenants of the Toronto-Dominion Centre but is also accessible to the general public.

"The TDC Green brand represents a new industry standard in environmental sustainability - enabling a future where 'green is a given', said Toronto-Dominion Centre General Manager David Hoffman. "The principle that says 'you manage what you measure' is now being effectively applied when it comes to sustainability best practices at Canada's largest office complex."

The website provides an innovative real-time dashboard-style display of building energy use. TDC tenants and management will be able to track and compare current energy consumption, by day, week or month, or by each of the Centre's six towers.

It also offers access to a wide range of sustainability tips and best practises, information about environmental achievements such as LEED certification as well as industry-leading landlord/tenant initiatives specific to the complex, including the new TDC Living Roof, the TDC Green Council and its Occupant Engagement Program.

According to Hoffman, "TDC has deployed a broad range of technologies, but the engagement and participation of tenants is our most powerful environmental best practice."

The TDC Green Portal, a result of collaboration within the Centre's Occupant Engagement Program, was designed to engage, educate and motivate building occupants to make smart environmental decisions that contribute to greener buildings.

"Toronto-Dominion Centre has long been an innovator and leader in Toronto's financial district and with the launch of the Green Portal, has once again demonstrated its commitment to real and measurable sustainability objectives, while sharing its insights and innovations with the greater community," said Hoffman.

Visit Toronto-Dominion Centre's Green Portal at:

on June 20, 2012