Morguard Real Estate Equity Fund Now Available on FundSERV

Morguard Financial is pleased to announce their real estate equity product, the Morguard Real Estate Fund, is now listed and available to Canadian accredited investors through FundSERV. Established in December 2006, the Morguard Real Estate Fund is managed by the same award-wining portfolio management team at the helm of the CIBC Canadian Real Estate Mutual Fund, back-to-back winner of the Thomson Reuters Lipper Award for Best Fund over 3 Years (in 2012) and Best Fund over 1 Year (in 2011) in the Canadian Real Estate Equity category. Morguard Financial is pleased to make the Morguard Real Estate Fund more accessible to accredited investors through the offering of the Class B Units on FundSERV. New investors may now purchase units through their wealth advisors, simplifying the investment process.

on May 16, 2012