Staying top of the pop-ups

For what looked like a fad, pop-up concepts have certainly proven themselves. While a pop-up store may be here today, gone tomorrow, the idea is certainly not and from first being identified back in late 2003, pop-up shops have gone from a perfect example of temporary installation to a fixture on every marketing-strategy-to-do list. The pop-up mantra now includes pop-up stores, pop-up units and pop-up retail, through to the first pop-up mall and the term has widened to include a wide variety of temporary brand manifestations that add an element of surprise, urgency, and musthave/must-see to shopping, dining, entertainment, lodging and exhibiting.

Retailers and brands have incorporated technological innovation and have used pop-ups to reach out to a wider audience with socially responsible messages. In fact pop-ups have even been used to help regenerate communities hit by natural or economic problems, providing as they do quick and flexible ways of injecting new stores and services to a location.

So wide are the approaches available that we have restricted our analysis specifically to stores rather than street and public realm marketing promotions. We’ve talked to four industry leaders who shared with ‘MORE Vision’ their view in exclusive interviews - Together with key data, useful links and must-see video.

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on July 8, 2012