A New Prestigious Image for CREW Montreal!

"The moment has come for CREW Montreal to get a branding image that better reflects the dynamism and the professionalism of its members. The mandate was given to Gauthier designers to create an updated, more modern logo that could also withstand the test of time. The CREW MTL logo was born from a design exercise that put in the forefront two distinctive elements: first the organization's name (CREW) and the location of the chapter (MTL, here used in the abbreviation format so it's always bilingual). The dynamic composition is based on a mirror effect of the "W" letter that creates the "M" for "MTL". The color scheme puts an emphasis on the location of the chapter. The result is powerful, clear and prestigious. We believe this corporate image will represent the success and influence of CREW Montreal for years to come."


That initiative driven by the communication committee and one of its members Marie-Josée Frigon, president TraficDesign, was greatly applauded. Congratulations and long live this new image!

on September 23, 2011