Pfizer Canada Inaugurates the Modernized Facilities at It's HO in Montreal

It was with great pleasure that the president of Pfizer Canada, Mr. Paul Lévesque,  officially inaugurated Pfizer Canada's newly modernized head office in the presence of the Minister of Families and MNA for Nelligan, Ms. Yolande James, the Vice-chair of the City of Montreal Executive Committee, Mr. Richard Deschamps, the Mayor of Kirkland, Mr. John W. Meaney, and several distinguished guests. 

Representing an investment of approximately $22 million, the renovations were aimed at bringing together under one roof all the Canadian head office employees in the Biopharmaceutical and Animal Health Divisions. 

Incorporating a common area concept, the new facilities further encourage collaboration and teamwork and maximize the use of the renovated spaces. Thanks to the new technologies put in place, Pfizer's employees can work in different places in the building, which combines flexibility and cooperation. 

Recognized as an employer of choice and granted Healthy Enterprise - Elite certification by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec, Pfizer Canada is also proud to provide its employees with a healthy work environment, in particular, through its health and well-being program, VIVA. Among the current services and programs are personalized advice from on-site health professionals (kinesiologist, dietitian and occupational hygienist), group activities (physical fitness sessions, health fairs and lunchtime workshops), a cafeteria that provides balanced meals, and exercise rooms. 

Pfizer Canada has long considered workplace and environmental management one of its top priorities. This commitment is very much in line with the company's belief that it takes More than medication to be truly healthy. 

"At Pfizer Canada, we are confident that the upgrading of our facilities is helping us strengthen our employees' sense of belonging, which is enabling us to set ourselves apart from other companies in terms of recruitment, hiring and retention. So, I'm very proud to tell you that Pfizer is the pharmaceutical company with the largest workforce in Quebec, with more than 2100 employees," said Paul Lévesque. 

This inauguration is, of course, in step with Pfizer Canada's desire to maintain a strong presence and is an example of Pfizer's commitment to remain the leader in Quebec's and Canada's biopharmaceutical industry, especially in the Montreal area. 

"Our latest acquisitions and the renovations we just completed have enabled us and will continue to enable us to attract high-quality employees and will provide substantial economic spinoffs. Canada and Quebec provide an environment conducive to the industry's growth, and today's announcement is just one example of the positive spinoffs of the policies that have been implemented," added Lévesque. 

"As the MNA for Nelligan, I am very proud to be involved in this announcement, which shows once again that Pfizer Canada is a pharmaceutical industry leader and a real economic force in the Montreal area. As the Minister of Families, I am delighted that a company like Pfizer Canada is strengthening its commitment to work-life balance, which is a matter very close to my heart," said Minister Yolande James. 

When it was founded in 1953, Pfizer Canada chose the Montreal area for its head office, and some years later, in 1975, it moved to the Kirkland facilities. Since then, and especially over the past 10 years, Pfizer has merged, at the global level, with three large pharmaceutical companies, two of which are Wyeth, in 2009, and King, in 2010. Each time, Pfizer Canada kept its head office in Montreal. Several expansion projects have followed, including this recent major investment to bring all Pfizer Canada head office employees under one roof. 

In addition to optimizing the occupied space and revamping the work premises, the renovations have facilitated collaboration and will provide the flexibility needed to react to internal changes. 


on June 21, 2011