CLC CEO Gets Sneak Preview of CN Tower's EdgeWalk Attraction

As President and CEO of Canada Lands Company, I usually spend my time safely grounded in boardrooms and air conditioned office buildings. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think one of my responsibilities would include stepping out onto a grated ledge 356m above the city of Toronto, on the outside of the iconic CN Tower.

That's exactly what I did this week though, as I visited the CN Tower to check out Toronto's newest, most thrilling attraction, EdgeWalk. Now nearly completed but still very much a construction zone, my apprehension almost got the better of me as I stood at the precipice of the EdgeWalk doorway. For lack of a better description, it feels like you're about to step into the sky.

With my adrenalin pumping and harness safely secured, the extremely hardworking construction workers and officials at the CN Tower managed to coax me out onto the platform - and I'm incredibly glad they did!
The weather was perfect for my foray. In such pristine conditions the experience was unlike anything I could have imagined; the feeling of absolute freedom you get from standing outside at such great heights mingled with the exhilaration of literally having Canada's largest city at your feet. Also, because you have a generous amount of time on the platform, the tingly sensations you get from being over 1000ft in the air lingers for the entirety of your excursion.

When tickets went on sale for EdgeWalk this month the box office was nearly swamped by public demand. We're trying our best to meet the popularity of this attraction and I truly hope everyone gets a chance to experience it.

Personally, I can't wait to see the smiles of the each enthusiastic participant as they take their first steps among the clouds.

on June 19, 2011