Five New Projects for PlazaCorp

Plazacorp Retail Properties Ltd. announced that it will develop four new retail properties and has acquired a fifth property for re-development. Two projects are located in Prince Edward Island, one in Nova Scotia, one in Quebec and one in Ontario.

In all, the Corporation will be investing approximately $31 million for its share of these five new projects and will add approximately 300,000 square feet to Plazacorp's portfolio of retail properties. The Ontario and Quebec projects are being developed with joint venture partners.

"We are pleased to be able to continue to grow our portfolio by developing high quality projects that are leased to Canada's best retailers. Our ability to source new high quality development projects distinguishes Plazacorp from most other public real estate entities that are competing to acquire existing or finished properties in a highly competitive and low cap rate environment. Upon completion, these properties will further diversify our asset base and allow us to continue to grow our cash flow and deliver a reliable dividend to our shareholders." said Plazacorp President and CEO Michael Zakuta. 

on June 6, 2011