Empire Theatres To Open New Complex For Ottawa's Lansdowne Park

Empire Theatres Lansdowne Park will be located in the iconic landmark, Lansdowne Park on Bank St, and will be part of the major revitalization project. The new theatre will blend entertainment and comfort with technology in a contemporary and unique design.

"Our Lansdowne Park Theatre will provide a state-of-the-art, premium movie experience and we're thrilled to bring it to historic Lansdowne Park," said Dean Leland, Vice President of Studio & Media Relations, Empire Theatres. "This Theatre was uniquely designed to deliver the ultimate movie-going experience and we look forward to opening its doors to the Ottawa community in 2013."

The new theatre will back on to Holmwood Avenue and will be part of the historic Lansdowne Park revitalization effort. The Park will cater to foot-traffic on the Boulevard and will also feature restaurants, shops, Aberdeen Pavilion, a Farmer's Market, seating areas, and a rejuvenated Stadium with an upgraded arena.

"The new Lansdowne Park is going to create a unique retail experience for Ottawa and we are excited to have Empire Theatres be a part of that experience. Empire Theatres' selection of Lansdowne as the first theatre in its chain to have a specially-designed premium guest experience supports their commitment to this development and to the people of Ottawa," says John Ruddy, President and CEO of Trinity Developments and O.S.E.G. partner.

At Empire Theatres Lansdowne Park, the ten auditoriums will feature curved screens for that perfect picture; Dolby Digital Surround Sound for optimum sound; stadium-style seating for unobstructed viewing; and comfortable, wide, rocker-style seats with lots of leg room. Each auditorium will have 100% integrated DLP Digital Cinema Projection providing crystal clear images, as well as RealD 3D capability in seven auditoriums.

In addition, Empire Theatres Lansdowne Park will feature Empire Theatres' very own "Empire Extra" in one of its auditoriums. Empire Extra provides guests with a heightened sensory experience in a special auditorium designed to offer dynamic sound, screen and seat quality. Empire Extra boasts custom-designed multi-channel sound system for the ultimate audio experience; stunning digital presentation on a massive, wrap-around screen; and reserved seating in comfy, high back rockers.

The theatre will include an expansive main lobby including a lounge area; an expanded refreshments area and offering; and large rooms that will be used for community and corporate use. Guests will also be able to purchase their tickets at refreshments for one-stop shopping, as well as online and via a mobile device.

The opening of Empire Theatres Lansdowne Park will provide both full time and part time employment opportunities to Ottawa area residents.

Empire Theatres also has three neighboring theatres in the Ottawa area, including Empire Theatres Orleans, Empire Ottawa 7 and Empire Rideau Centre Cinemas.

on May 26, 2011