The Future of Green Condo Living to Be Showcased October 15th and 16th

Tridel, Canada's largest condominium developer and LEED high rise residential builder is pleased to announce that together with leading technology companies Cisco and Control4, has developed one of North America's most innovative new condo suites.  Known as the 'NEXT Living Eco Suite', this one-of-a-kind penthouse suite is located in Toronto's King West neighbourhood, at Tridel's successful Reve Condominium development.

"The Eco Suite is the future of green condo living," says Tridel's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jim Ritchie.  "An innovative penthouse unit that combines environmentally preferable features and finishes with cutting-edge technologies, the suite was recently introduced to international delegates at the 2011 Greenbuild Conference and Expo.  Now, members of the public interested in the absolute latest in condominium innovation will have an opportunity to experience the Eco Suite at our upcoming Open Door Tour event, October 15th and 16th."

Intent on demonstrating a new way of condominium living and showcasing the infinite possibilities that exist for today's condo buyer, the Eco Suite, boasts numerous technological advancements, created by Cisco and its Smart+Connected Communities partner Control4, for this Tridel penthouse.

Among its features, the Eco Suite's state of the Art example of condo design utilizes Cisco Smart Home products powered by Control4; Cisco's Smart Connected Home Controller; and the Smart Home remote and in-wall touch screen.

The suite also offers Control4 lighting solutions (including keypads and dimmers), as well as audio and video lifestyle products such as the Control4 iPod Dock. The suite also utilizes a highly secure, business-class internet connection that supports advanced security management capabilities and business-class data, voice, security and wireless throughout the suite.

"The advanced green features are equally amazing," says Tridel's Sustainability Advisor, Jamie James. "In a condo industry first, the Eco Suite uses a renewable energy technology that provides solar heated hot water and photovoltaic power directly to the suite.  Among other features, Tridel is utilizing advanced energy efficient systems and water-saving fixtures in the suite, VOC-free water based finishes on all cabinetry and high performance spray foam insulation."

The Eco Suite's products are sustainably manufactured and locally sourced lowering carbon emissions. Using recycled materials, the Eco Suite reduces greenhouse gas emissions and minimizes pollutants. Innovative water saving technologies contributes to water conservation and the indoor air ventilation system improves the air quality. The Eco Suite uses state of the art renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, to lower energy consumption and negative impacts on the environment.

The suite's design and furnishings follow the newest Eco Friendly trends. The wood floors are made of recycled furniture, kitchen's ECO Countertops made from 75 per cent recycled content, and laundry room's PaperStone countertops are made from 100 per cent recycled paper. Also, the suite's Active Clean Air porcelain floors act as an antibacterial agent and the EcoEssence Fireplace uses bioethanol, releasing only clean emissions.

This one-of-a-kind suite is located in one of Toronto's most distinctive new condominium communities.  Tridel's Reve Condominium, located at 560 Front Street West, has achieved a reputation for its distinctive architecture, fashionable interior design, sought-after amenity program and livable suite layouts. With several prime suites still available, Reve boasts a good selection of 2 bedroom units and 2 bedroom plus dens, with terraces.

"With the addition of the NEXT Living Eco Suite to our penthouse designs, and the innovative approach of CISCO and Control4," says Jim Ritchie, "Tridel is once again demonstrating that the possibilities for condo living are truly infinite."

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on October 14, 2011