Carbon Footprint of Retail Stores: Call for Comments

The issue paper on the carbon footprint of retail stores was presented at the last meeting of the European Retail Forum. Presenting the paper, ERRT focused on the need for harmonization in measurement, and the need for further cooperation between tenants and owners, including the possible set-up of an ad hoc forum. Overall, the paper highlights the need for strong investment in initiatives and projects aimed at cutting CO2 emissions (by retailers, owners and institutions) and the necessity for a growing consumer awareness and sensitization.

In the Q&A that followed, retailer representatives raised the fact that it is currently difficult to measure efficiently the carbon footprint of a whole company but that this may have more value than the footprint of just one store. Participants called for an informal platform to discuss CO2 reductions.

The issues paper is now open for final comments until 23 November. ICSC encourages ICSC members to submit input, which ICSC will use as the basis of its submission. To submit your input, and/or to get further information on this issue, please contact ICSC’s Brussels representative Sarah Lee.  

on November 22, 2010