Major Themes at MIPIM 2010

Renewed investor confidence, the return of ambitious building projects, strategies for sustainable development in major cities, Poland’s unique profile in the current crisis, and a festival of new sports projects, are some of the major attractions at MIPIM this year.

Investors: renewed confidence

Recent research has reported signs of recovery in the real estate sector and property professionals expect to find a more confident atmosphere at this year’s event. MIPIM will therefore provide a comprehensive programme around investment recovery.

  • Ben Broadbent, Chief Economist, Goldman Sachs (UK) and Barbara A. Knoflach, CEO and Managing Director of SEB Investment, SEB Asset Management (Germany): Prospects for European recovery – economics and the implications for real estate.
  • Dr Thomas Beyerle, Head of Global Research, Aberdeen Property Investors (Germany): Synthesis of delegates' opinion about the future of international real estate.
  • Khaled Al Aboodi, CEO Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (Saudi Arabia): Islamic Finance.
  • Cycle of conferences "Recovery positions".
  • USA – a trillion dollars of maturing debt: impact, resolution and opportunity.
  • Will there be any investment opportunities in France in 2010?
  • Speed Matching, investment strategies.

Developers: big projects are back

Major projects will be on show in the exhibition area this year, reflecting the sector’s dynamism in a still difficult economic environment. A number of unique projects will be presented by such regions as Egypt, South Korea and Nigeria at this 21st edition of MIPIM. And for the first time, MIPIM will host MIPIM Horizons, dedicated to countries with high potential investment opportunities.

Among the outstanding projects to be exhibited are:

Dream Hub (South Korea)
Stone Towers (Egypt)
Monte@Rivers (Nigeria)
Barcelona Triangle (Spain)
City Palace (Federation of Russia)
Warsaw Bielany District (Poland)
To find out more about the main projects to be showcased at MIPIM 2010, click here.

  • Investment in Egypt: mechanisms and opportunities.
  • Concept of "new cities" in Morocco: investment opportunities and ROI.

Cities: catalysts of sustainable synergy in the urban landscape

Aware of the fundamental role played by public/private partnerships in a successful sustainable development strategy, cities are launching more collaborative projects with key players such as developers, architects, and investors. This year, MIPIM will highlight a number of cities that have developed innovative approaches to governance, and will broaden the debate by addressing issues ranging from the growing global need for social housing, to the role of infrastructure in sustainable cities.

  • Sten Nordin, Mayor of Stockholm, the city of Stockholm.
  • Boris Johnson, Mayor of London: overview of London's approach to city planning.
  • Spotting the trends: shaping the cities of the future.
  • Ralph DiNola, Principal, Green Building Services (USA): Green Keynote.
  • Sustainability "sans frontières" – establishing consistent international standards and criteria for green buildings.
  • Dr. Anna Tibaijuka (Kenya), Under-Secretary-General & Executive Director, United Nations Human Settlements Programme UN-HABITAT: Opportunities for social housing construction for rapidly growing cities.
  • The expanding need of social housing around the world: opportunity of investment?
Events and press conferences
  • The Mayors' Think Tank, for mayors and senior representatives of local authorities: Infrastructure – key to sustainable growth.
  • Greg Clark, Global Advisor on the Development & Investment, Cities & Regions (UK), will report on the Mayors’ Think Tank debate the same day (Wednesday, March 17 – 03.00pm) at the Press Club.
  • Conference organised by Symbiocity: How did Sweden become the role model for sustainable cities? Combining growth with sustainable development. (Wednesday, March 17 – 03.15pm)
  • Berlin: the perfect location for forward-looking investors. Live-presentation of the Solar Atlas. (Thursday, March 18 – 02.00pm).

Poland, Guest of Honour for 2010

Poland, one of the few European countries that did not go into recession in 2009, will be the Guest of Honour at MIPIM 2010, and as such, will receive special visibility.

  • Rafal Baniak, Poland's Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Economy: Poland, Island of growth in Europe.
  • Slawomir Majman, President of PA|i|Z : Attractiveness of Poland towards foreign partners.
  • Poland: land of opportunity?
  • Poland: investment attractiveness in city identity.
  • Euro 2012 Polish cities cocktail (Wednesday, March 17 – 04.30pm – stands LR3.03/LR4.04)
  • Special prize for a Polish real-estate project during the MIPIM Awards 2010 ceremony. (Thursday, March 18 - 07.00pm Grand Audi)
  • Piano recital in memory of Frederic Chopin. By invitation only. (Wednesday, March 17 -8.00pm, Hotel Majestic)

Sports frenzy reaches MIPIM

One of the trends at this 21st edition is the boom in sports-related building projects. Many cities exhibiting at MIPIM will be promoting sports projects to highlight new investment opportunities.

  • Opportunities for investors in the host country of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games: Brazil.
  • Poland: land of opportunity?
  • Poland: investment attractiveness in city identity (including cities which will host the UEFA Euro 2012).
Events and Press conferences
  • The investment case for South Africa, a closer look at a country alive with possibility after the FIFA 2010 World Cup (Tuesday, March 16 – 04.00pm – stand 14.18)
  • Investment perspectives of Lviv City: Euro 2012 new city centre development (Wednesday, March 17 – 10.00am – Agora 2)
  • Ryder Cup 2018 application: development issues (Wednesday, March 17 – 11.00am – stand Paris Region)
The projects on show include
  • The Warsaw stand and its projects for the UEFA Euro 2012.
  • Stand Embratur (Brazilian Ministry of Tourism) and its projects for the FIFA World Cup 2014.
  • The London stand and its plans for the 2012 Olympics.

Get ready for MIPIM

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