MIPIM 2010: Expert Opinions on the Future of Real Estate

The MIPIM 2010 conference programme will address the key issues facing international real estate today. MIPIM delegates will have access to leading specialists as they address the impact of national economic policies on real estate markets, how to integrate environmental criteria into buildings, the major architectural agendas for the future and investment opportunities in the hotel and tourism sector.

Ben Broadbent, Chief Economist, Goldman Sachs (UK) and Barbara A. Knoflach, CEO and Managing Director of SEB Investment, SEB Asset Management (Germany) will take turns to look at the impact on the property market of national economic policies in Europe. After being hit hard by the economic crisis, the sector has largely benefited from financial support from governments. Following on from this stimulus package, how will the real estate market recover from this unprecedented downturn? The two experts will explore this critical issue for the industry.

Ralph DiNola, Principal, Green Building Services (USA), will look at ways for companies to make their real estate assets more sustainable. The environmental crisis and energy costs are both pushing professionals to focus on sustainable construction. From this perspective, Green Building Services offers consulting services from engineers, developers, architects and designers to help companies improve their energy performance.

Major names in architecture such as Manuelle Gautrand (France), Daniel Libeskind (USA), Bernardo Fort Brescia (USA), Professor Matthias Sauerbruch (Germany), Hani Rashid (USA) and Djamel Klouche (France) will come together on an outstanding panel to give their vision of the kind of architectural trends that will shape tomorrow's buildings. Industry professionals need to take on board factors such as new environmental challenges, adaptation to user needs, and aesthetic issues when taking a comprehensive, innovative approach to urban space.

Paul Macpherson, Chief Development Officer, Jumeirah Group (UAE) and Jochen Dietrich Schäfer-Surén, Head of Hotels and Leisure Fund Management, Invesco Real Estate (United Kingdom) will overview investment opportunities in the hotel and tourism sector. In light of the impact of the crisis and credit crunch that have weighed heavily on investors, is there still much interest in the tourism property sector? Can it deliver a reliable return on investment? Speaking as investor and hotel developer, the two experts will evaluate the potential of this market and outline the strategies needed to bring back investor confidence.

To close this MIPIM event, Dr. Thomas Beyerle, Head of Global Research, Aberdeen Property Investors (Germany), will assess the general sentiment of key actors in global real estate situation using feedback from all MIPIM participants. Drawing on interviews with investors, developers, end-users and local authorities in the exhibition area and conference rooms of the Palais des Festivals, he will comment on their opinions about the market outlook.

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on March 15, 2010