Place Ville Marie and World Trade Centre Montréal - certified LEED® Silver

Ivanhoé Cambridge is very proud to announce that its properties, Place Ville Marie and the World Trade Centre Montréal are now certified LEED® Silver in the "Existing Building: Operations & Maintenance" (EB:O&M) category by the Canada Green Building Council.
The evaluation criteria for LEED® certification include energy efficiency and air quality, water management and consumption, the use of materials and re-use of surplus materials, the quality of interior spaces, and the ecological development of exterior sites.
"We are especially proud of these certifications, which position Place Ville Marie and the World Trade Centre Montréal as leaders in energy efficient buildings in Montreal, a highly important advantage for tenants in the 21st century," said Claude Sirois, Co-Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Quebec, for Ivanhoé Cambridge.
Place Ville Marie: LEED® Silver EB:O&M
Building on the strength of its already outstanding reputation and its peerless location in the heart of downtown Montreal, Place Ville Marie has taken a decidedly avant-garde approach in investing significantly in recent years to equip the complex with new building systems and energy efficient infrastructures, among other enhancements. With 317,436 m2 (3,400,000 ft2) of gross floor space, Place Ville Marie is now Canada's largest real estate property to have earned LEED®  Silver EB:O&M certification.
Ivanhoé Cambridge has owned Place Ville Marie since 2000, and became sole owner in 2013. The complex has been undergoing a major modernization program for the past several years, during which Ivanhoé Cambridge established processes for the continuous and rigorous management and upgrading of the building's various operations that enabled Place Ville Marie to obtain LEED® Silver EB:O&M certification, among them:
Replacement of the chillers
Replacement of the electrical transformers and motor-control centres
Installation of a new and more efficient exterior envelope (curtain wall) for 5 Place Ville Marie
Modernization of the cooling towers
Replacement of the envelope of the four lobbies of 1 Place Ville Marie
Upgrading and/or replacement of the main ventilation systems
Replacement of the automation centre for all the main operating systems
Addition of measurement instruments for the various energy sources
Addition of lighting controls
New, more efficient plumbing equipment (reduction of water consumption)
World Trade Centre Montréal: LEED® Silver EB:O&M
Owned by Ivanhoé Cambridge since its construction, the World Trade Centre Montréal is situated between Old Montreal and the downtown core and is a vital part of the Quartier international de Montréal. Its location and unique architecture reflect the city's history and development. Inaugurated in 1992, the World Trade Centre Montréal is a complex spanning an entire city block that consists of several restored historic buildings under a magnificent glass roof.
With 109,937 m2 (1,183,350 ft2) of gross floor space, the World Trade Centre Montréal recently underwent a major heritage refurbishment of its facade on Saint-Antoine Street, as well as many enhancements that led to it obtaining LEED® Silver certification, including:
Modernization and upgrading of its heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems;
Revitalization of its food court;
Modernization of its lighting systems;
Improvement of its domestic water management system;
Modernization of its power management systems
Note to editors: the fact sheets "Place Ville Marie by the numbers" and "Place Ville Marie: the environment, our commitment" accompany this news release.
About Ivanhoé Cambridge
Ivanhoé Cambridge leverages its high-level expertise in all aspects of real estate including investment, development, asset management, leasing and operations, to deliver optimal returns for its investors. Its assets, held through multiple subsidiaries and located mainly in Canada, the United States, Europe, Brazil and Asia, totalled more than Cdn$40 billion as at December 31, 2013. Its portfolio consists mainly of shopping centres, office and multiresidential properties. Ivanhoé Cambridge is a real estate subsidiary of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (, one of Canada's leading institutional fund managers. For more information:
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Gross area: 3,400,000 ft2 (315,000 m2)
Offices: 2,420,000 ft2 (224,800 m2)
Retail area: 187,000 ft2 (17,370 m2)
Storage: 110,000 ft2 (10,200 m2)
Parking: 930 spaces
Owner and operator: Ivanhoé Cambridge Inc.
5 buildings, 1 shopping centre
Traffic: about 365,000 visitors a week, or 19 million a year
10,000 occupants
150 tenants
57 employees
130 employees on site from subcontractors
Investments over the past 10 years: ± $160 M
Certified LEED® Silver EB:O&M (2014)
BOMA BESt, Level 4
616 ft tall (188.06 m)
736 ft above sea level (224.63 m)
PVM roof: just 26 ft (8 m) lower than the peak of Mount Royal
1 Place Ville Marie: 47 floors
3rd-highest Montreal skyscraper
Ceiling of the main lobby of 1 Place Ville Marie: 50 ft (15.4 m) high
1,013 stairway steps to reach the top floor of the 1 Place Ville Marie building
8 minutes,11 seconds: Montreal firefighter's record time to climb the stairs
Property highlights
Trains leaving Central Station pass directly beneath Place Ville Marie
About 317,000 sprinkler heads are installed in Place Ville Marie
The flow and height of the jets of the fountain on the building's outdoor esplanade are adjusted according to wind strength
There are 92 access doors to Place Ville Marie
Place Ville Marie is the starting point for Montreal's 33-km pedestrian underground city
261 kilometres of pipework, equivalent to the distance between Montreal and Quebec City
Place Ville Marie's air conditioning system is the equivalent of 800 residential units
52 elevators and 20 escalators serve the entire complex
More than 95,370 energy efficient bulbs
Total of 13,054 windows
52 postal codes
4 years under construction (1958-1962), including site preparation, project design and planning
3,001,000 ft2 (278,800 m2) construction site
$350,000 invested in project development, planning and design
Construction cost: $80 M
49,000 tonnes of steel
1 million bolts
Main tenants
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
Norton Rose
Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)
521 tonnes of paper
292 tonnes of cardboard
139 tonnes of glass, plastic and aluminum
230 tonnes of dry materials
360 tonnes of organic materials
943 kg of household batteries
800 litres of paint annually
25,000 trees saved annually (paper recycling program)
11,356 litres of water per minute recycled in the fountain
Place Ville Marie takes pride making sustainable development and environmental protection an integral part of its day-to-day operations to ensure its tenants have a work environment that is as impeccable as can be.
BOMA BESt Level 4 Certification (2013) 
LEED® Silver EB:O&M Certification (2014)
One of the first members of Hydro Québec's Energy Savers' Circle
(since 2008)
More than 50 random analyses of indoor air quality every month throughout the complex  
Cleaning products that are environmentally certified by recognized organizations  
Program to clean ventilation ducts
Indoor parking garage for 180 bicycles
2 locker rooms with showers
Loan of bicycles under BIXI's corporate program
Electric charging stations in the parking garage
Member of the Communauto car-sharing program using Nissan Leaf electric vehicles
Free twinning program to promote carpooling
Central location in the heart of an extensive public transit system
Energy consumption of 28.1 kWh per square foot
Internal energy management committee
System to closely monitor energy efficiency, consumption and costs  
Exhaustive preventive maintenance program that includes more than 3,000 tasks  
Ultramodern automated system that monitors more than 32,000 control points  
Strong emphasis on inspection of completed work by an independent firm (recommissioning)  
Customized training for operations personnel, in line with Place Ville Marie's specific needs and environment 
Monitoring of water consumption
Installation of water-efficient equipment almost everywhere in the complex
Recovery of rainwater and a sophisticated irrigation system for landscaped areas
Application of construction-deconstruction principles:
Reuse of all possible materials for various projects to give them a second life
Non-reusable materials sent to sorting centres for recycling
Contractors undertake in writing to develop and submit a waste-management plan before projects start
Containers provided to the complex's tenants and suppliers for multimaterial recycling (paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum, household batteries, electronics, telephones, light bulbs, hazardous waste, etc.)
Quantities recycled by Place Ville Marie:*
521 tonnes of paper
292 tonnes of cardboard
139 tonnes of glass, plastic and aluminum
230 tonnes of dry materials
360 tonnes putrescible materials
943 kilos of household batteries
800 litres of paint each year
Sustainable development committee to design and publicize PVM's programs and sustainable development objectives  
Effective communication and signage program for renovations and special projects  
Client relations team  
Emphasis on employee communication and tenant and personnel training  
Security team and HVAC operators present 24 hours a day, seven days a week  
Specialized trades on duty from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. on weekdays  

on January 16, 2015