Second LEED Gold certification for Le Vistal on Nuns' Island

Proment Corporation is pleased to announce that its Vistal II building has been certified LEED Gold by the Canada Green Building Council. The Vistal I tower received the same certification in 2011.
"We're especially proud of this achievement because the LEED certification process is so rigorous," said Ilan Gewurz, executive vice-president of Proment Corporation. "And to this day, we're still the only company to have built LEED certified residential towers in Quebec."
While construction of LEED certified residential high-rises is much more demanding than for traditional buildings of similar shape and size, it does provide many advantages. In fact, this type of dwelling is an extremely sound investment for homeowners. Not only do Vistal I and Vistal II residents enjoy energy bills that are an impressive 35% lower, they also breathe easier thanks to superior indoor air quality with a minimal presence of contaminants, a real benefit for anyone with asthma, for example.
"Le Vistal has become the benchmark for green construction in Quebec, which goes to show that when you're willing to take risks, it's possible to change how things are done in residential construction," said Josée Lupien, chairman of the board of the Canada Green Building Council.
Projects become LEED certified by earning points based on how they meet green building requirements in the following six categories: sustainable site, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, and indoor environmental quality, as well as in operations design and innovation. The condominium association at Le Vistal has hired an engineer to ensure that all mechanical and geothermal equipment remains in good working order to ensure projected energy savings.
Proment Corporation is currently lending its expertise to the Pointe-Nord development, one of the most ambitious green real estate projects in Canada. The master plan for the community has already been certified LEED for Neighbourhood Development - Gold by the US Green Building Council.
The new waterfront community is already taking shape on Nun's Island, a short five-minute drive from downtown Montreal. Having only one real estate developer designing the entire neighbourhood not only ensures an optimal layout for residents and merchants alike, it also means all construction phases will unfold in a complementary fashion. The latest phase in the project, Evolo 2, is set for completion in spring 2014. Proment Corporation is planning on launching the next phase shortly to meet demand.

on February 1, 2014